Items needed Sandal, Elastic Wrap and Duct Tape


Lightly wrap hoof with an Elastic type bandage making sure to wrap up and over heels.

If needed, the sides of the Sandal can be cut part way down to customize the fit.

Make sure the hoof’s toe and heel are well placed in the Sandal. Start with 3 strips of tape to hold Sandal in place- one on each side, pulling secure from toe to heel and one from side to side across the back.  


Then with more tape, continue to completely wrap tape around the Sandal several times to tighten and customize the fit. Make sure the tape comes up and over the heels.

Try to not catch hair in the tape, keep it on the Sandal, hoof and elastic bandage.

Simply cut the tape to remove.

The Sandal may be reapplied as necessary.

Sandal Installation