How long do Sneakers last?

This question is the most difficult to answer accurately because of the variety of horse activities, the way a horse travels and the type of terrain. The best comparison we have found is that in general the Sneakers will last at least as long as a steel shoe. If you can customarily get a reset out of a steel shoe you most likely will achieve the same wear out of a Sneaker. The primary consideration in the original design was a concussion-absorbing shoe that was economical when compared to a bar shoe and pad combination.

Does the horse have to be lame to benefit from Sneakers?

No that is not the point of the Sneaker.  Sneakers do address the factors that aggravate or create lameness and can help to reduce the effects of these factors.  Horses with diagnosed lamenesses are helped, sometimes dramatically, by the application of Sneakers.  This gives support to the theory that the use of Sneakers before lameness develops might possibly delay the onset and decrease the severity of use related lamenesses for awhile.  No responsible horseshoe manufacturer can claim that the use of their shoe will prevent lameness. The Sneaker has helped numerous horses become more comfortable.

Is it necessary to use Sneakers on all four feet?

The use of Sneakers on just the front feet or on all four is a personal choice for the  rider and the horse’s situation and requirements. The majority of riders use them on the front feet only and have had great success.  There is a difference in the traction between standard shoes and Sneakers, which may cause your horse to move differently going up and down hills. So some riders prefer to keep the same type of traction on all four hooves.

Can pads be used with sneakers?

Yes.  If coverage of the entire sole is necessary a pad can be used. If angle correction is necessary heel bar wedge pads are recommended.

Shoe Size


ST Croix Extra (steel)

Thorobred Grand Champ


KB Aluminumn

Bar Shoe

#0 F

10.3 oz.

11.4 oz

6.9 oz

#1 F

11.6 oz

13.5 oz

8.2 oz.

6.0 oz

#2 F

13.3 oz.

14.4 oz

6.5 oz.

#3 F

16.3 oz.

15.2 0z

9.5 oz

7.1 oz.

#4 F

18.1 oz

16.1 oz

8.,8 oz

Weight Comparison Chart

This table was compiled from published data and from representative shoes. The Sneakers are untrimmed weights.

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