Equithotics Sandals 

An alternative to the duct tape boot for:


Lightweight and easily carried in a saddle pack



Click here for installation instructions.

Shoe loss:

The Sandal is handy to carry on the trail, in your trailer, or have in your tackroom for quick and easy temporary hoof protection.

Abscess or wound treatment:

Apply whatever treatment medication is appropriate on the hoof and cover with a light wrap of absorbent material held by a self adhesive bandage. Place the Sandal over the bandage and tape in place as directed in the installation instructions. The hoof is protected and the hoof medication is held in place.

Customize the fit:

To aid in a more customized fit, additional folding slits may be added on the Sandal sides. Using a pair of safety scissors simply add cuts part of the way down on the side panels. This helps to tighten the possible adjustment and results in a tighter customized fit.


Cut the duct tape with scissors or a knife and remove. Remove the duct tape from the Sandal and reuse. When the Sandal is worn out it is fully recyclable plastic and need not be thrown in the landfill.